Walking Together Towards Eternity,

A Poetic Reflection on Wisdom, Life and the Deepest Truth.

By Leonard Swidler

Oh, my love—no, no, you are not mumbling out of ignorance.

You, we, are slowly becoming wise like Socrates—knowing that we do not know. Our knowing is like whispers in the wind, and yet, we cannot not whisper.

When we begin to really realize that we have been flying at the incomprehensible warp speed of 180,000 miles per second, and have been doing so since 13.8 billion years ago, and are even accelerating!… and know that the next moment may reveal some profound old/new truth about which we had had no inkling, we can only try to catch our spiritual breath—and trust what lies both within us and before us.

We are walking together toward eternity, which somehow is the most profound, most incomprehensible, but nevertheless deepest truth: Love.

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