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Easy Steps to Becoming Published:

1. Submission of your idea and consultation;

2. Book Production–editing, proofreading, page formatting, front and back cover design, prepare digital e-books and print-on-demand;

3. Promotion–including email campaigns, social media, press releases, iPub community support;

4. Distribution–placement with online booksellers, and in stores;

5. Merchandising–fulfillment of orders, etc.

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Are you someone who dares to dream and is ready to share your vision with the world? We’re looking for a few change agents to help the next generation. A partnership with iPub will support you with the Design, Editing, Proofreading, Formatting, graphic arts and marketing of your textbook, short story, poetry compilation, children’s book, fantasy novel, or some other new development.

It’s Possible! We’re listening.

All of us have views of the world, that we’d like to see shared in the mainstream; that is, an idea, a “book in my head” or a story to tell!

If this sounds like you. Welcome to iPub Global Connection, a publisher who embraces new ideas and guides our partners in creativity through the entire process of publishing.

iPub Global is a catalyzing agent for international scholars, philanthropists, teachers, university professors, and aspiring authors who wish to make the planet more civilized, peaceful, productive, and globally focused.

The opportunity for change, socially, physically, and globally, has never been more imminent or more demanding, and at the forefront of the story-changing encounters we face every day. Now is the time to recognize the ripe conditions to make today’s world our vision.

The entire world needs your ideas and iPub Global will promote your work to a growing international audience.

Reach out and tell us more about your project. and you will not be sent a robotic reply or receive a canned response. What you will experience are people ready to listen to your vision and explore with you the opportunities and challenges.

It’s Possible! We’re listening.

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