Letters to Will: Combined Edition Volume 2 Lessons to Live By

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Stories of Jesus That You Probably Haven’t Heard

Our gift to you this holiday season! Stories of Jesus. The truth as we know it, and probably stories you have never
heard. In these two letters written to his granddaughter Willow (Will), Author Leonard Swidler, Professor of
Interreligious Dialogue at Temple University, guides us into the heart of Jesus and the core of his work. A core
not often discussed, but the true foundation of the man and his work. His humanness explodes on to the page.
Being a Professor of Religion, Dr. Swidler, with his many decades of religious studies, puts ‘meat on the bones’
of this man we call Jesus, and let’s us embrace him.
After reading this book, these two letters, many will experience a deeper knowing that they were never able to
grasp before. This second book in the series of Letters to Will, Professor Swidler gives us food for thought during
our stressful times.
He is a gifted writer, and through story, each letter allows more of the mystery of time to unfold.
Be prepared as you read:

  • Jesus Was A Feminist and Much More

And then,

  •  Jesus Was A Rabbi – OMG

Professor (Grandpa) Swidler’s and his granddaughter, Will, invite you to be a part of this conversation. His
writing offers refreshing and thought-provoking insights. Add this book to your family treasures and reach for it
often, just to relive the stories.
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