Letters to Will Combined Edition Volume 1: Lessons to Live By (COMBINED EDITION Letters to Will)



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One of the most thought-provoking books of our time.

In this gathering of the first three letters to his granddaughter Willow (Will), Author Leonard Swidler, Professor of Interreligious Dialogue at Temple University, shares his thoughts in this timely book that is hard to put down.

His writing is alive and filled with wonder as he takes us on a journey into ‘areas of thought’ which we may have wondered about, but never resolved, such as:

  • Does life really have a given meaning, or do we have to search for what the real meaning is?
  • How did we come to believe what is right and what is wrong? Who decided this?
  • How did our ethics come to be so common, in fact, global?


Professor (Grandpa) Swidler’s writing offers refreshing and thought-provoking insights. He invites the reader to explore these insights through stories he relates and the questions he raises. This book will become a family treasure and each time you reach for it, a deeper understanding of life unfolds.

This bundle includes the books:

♥ Does Life Have Meaning?

♥ What is Right and Wrong?

♥ What is Global Ethic?

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