Letter 2: Letters to Will: What Is Right and Wrong?



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Everyone struggles at times to answer important life questions. What is right and wrong? What is the meaning of life?  Why do people believe different things?

Professor Leonard Swidler, author of more than 100 books has explored these questions with many other professors across the world. Now, with his 15-year old granddaughter, Will, he explores deep human issues, not with heavy language, but with thoughts and words from an experienced grandpa to his open-eyed, open-hearted granddaughter.

Welcome back to Book 2 in the Letters to Will Series!  Now that Len gave us the opportunity to listen in, these questions all seem so much clearer. In this second letter, Len helps Will explore the meaning of “right” and “wrong.” Even deeper, he guides Will to sort out what we mean when we say something is “good” or “bad”—not an easy question!

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