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Puppies and Holidays? What's not to like? Andrea’s teacher gave Andrea an assignment. A young teen person who recently experienced a very significant loss set about meeting her teacher’s request. Andrea was, at the time, neither an artist nor author. Nevertheless, she envisioned and created her own very sweet book. This book introduces readers to art, colors, kindness, curiosity, and warmth accompanied by a charming mystery story perfect for early readers. But this is not all. Andrea stepped out at this most challenging time in her life. She modeled the power of the child, the ‘tween, and the teen to visualize and push through the barriers of loss, fear, and pain and grabbed onto the tools for possibility, vision, and decision. Indeed, Andrea French has shown each of us from ages one to one hundred the powers of vision and decision and, let us not forget… a good teacher.


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  1. Cindy Spalding

    “A wonderful, charming read for the Early Reader. Explore some of the holidays with children while solving the mystery of the newfound puppy!” Sandy M.

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