Catholic-Communist Collaboration in Italy

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The contributors to this volume tell the story of Catholic-Communist collaboration in Italy. Although the Communist Party of Italy has never been in power, it has long been powerful. Since the end of World War II it has always been the second most powerful political party in Italy on the national level; it controls many of the town and city governments, including Rome. As a consequence these essays have lost none of their relevance, even for today. These essays, with the exception of the introductory ones by Leonard Swidler and Edward James Grace, were all written in 1978-80, but have not been published until now. Most were translated from the Italian by Edward Grace. Contents: The Dialogue Decalogue; Christian-Marxist Dialogue: A Historical Overview and Analysis; The Italian Earth and its Catholic Left from North American Perspective; The History of a Dialogue; Catholic Communists 1938-1946; From a Catholic Christian Democrat to a Christian Socialist; Open Letter to Enric Berlinguer; Reply to an Open Letter from the Bishop of Ivrea; Communist Party Catholics in Italy; Reply to the Osservatore Romano; Non-Ideological Marxism; Democracy in the Italian Communist Party; Christians and Marxists: An Experience based on Daily Encounter; and Communism, Catholicism and Women.

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