Back Matter Text for The Truth in Islam: A Need for True Dialogue

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Back Matter Text for The Truth in Islam: A Need for True
Dialogue (working title)
The core of Serge Traore’s provocative book The Truth in Islam: A Need for True Dialogue
reveals that we can discover the truth in ourselves by discovering the truth in others. But how to
do that?
Traore, a Catholic priest whose father was catholic and mother a Muslim, straddles both worlds
in his quest to reveal the findings of his journey to uncover commonalty among seemingly
disparate people and their creeds. In the process, he attempts to understand his own beliefs. A
central theme throughout this intriguing book is the ongoing need for interpersonal and
interreligious dialogue – to reveal common truths, to promote understanding and to reduce
conflict. In a world in desperate need of a resolution of interpersonal conflicts, Traore adeptly
recounts his own journey of discovery to “realize that we cannot rely solely upon our personal
experience to teach others.” It takes more. Honest and sincere study must lead the way.
But he asks, why study other creeds? Traore captures a perfect reason for this in noting that “to
study other religions is simply to seek the face of God in the lives of the followers of other
religions…only in this way do I deepen my own religion as I come to see the same God I know
at work beyond the boundaries of my own creed.” Through a detailed review of the writings of
the Church as well as summary documents from Vatican II and the writings of Benedict XVI and
Francis, Traore discovers a core issue hovering over Christian - Muslim relations in examining
why “we do not live what we profess.” Integrity and credibility are central to relationships.
Throughout, Traore interjects his personal reactions to these writings. And they are profound.
Traore proposes an objective study of all religions to promote harmony through sincere dialogue.
By example of his own experience in Rwanda, he describes the challenge before all of us. And
Traore cites the need for continual objective study. “We need a more dialogical education for
interreligious dialogue. It is not just about possessing an intellectual knowledge of other religions
– It is about discerning the presence of the same God in other religions.”
The goal we should embrace then is to “recognize, preserve, and promote the good things God
has put into the lives of the followers of Islam.” This book helps conceptualize the many
similarities found in various world religions. It catalogues a personal journey to discover
our shared humanity and desire to find commonality. “When people of different religions
come together, they learn how to overcome the barriers between them.” And then build a better
world for all.
This book will:
 Reveal some core truths about the good in Islam
 Examine the historic and personal roots of conflict between some world religions
 Promote interreligious dialogue through interpersonal understanding - a bridge between
 Unveil one man’s journey toward understanding through honest and sincere dialogue
 Support discovery of the “good things” inherent in others.


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