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What Is iPub Global Connections?

iPubCloud is the Internet home of iPub Global Connection and a place to encourage dialogue by hosting discussions on important issues facing today’s global community.

As you explore, you will discover that you can also search for and buy books for learning and having fun. This will be your global “home” where everyday thinkers can interact with writers and influencers on everything from religion to architecture, business ethics to agriculture, and most of all, global survival.  Browse our book selections and connect with us via social media.

It’s our vision that iPubCloud will be THE place to visit, read, and shop. Our first featured author, who sets the standard for the selection of future featured authors, is Dr. Leonard J. Swidler, Professor of Catholic Thought and Interreligious Dialogue at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.  Dr. Swidler began teaching at Temple in 1966, and in 1978, he founded the Dialogue Institute and co founded (with the late Arlene Swidler) the Journal of Ecumenical Studies. iPub Global Connection is honored to have Dr. Swidler as our Senior Consultant.

The Old Guard

Dr. Leonard Swidler

Dr. Leonard Swidler

iPubCloud Senior Advisor

Leonard Swidler is truly a citizen of the world whose empathy has reached friends and fellow thinkers in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

While others use religion as a barrier, Len sees it as a way to bring people together, even people from different religions. After all, the first religions emerged from peoples’ desire to understand the world around them.

Early thinkers such as Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Moses, and Krishna had a lot more in common than their followers may realize.  84,000 undergraduate and graduates students and 60+ years later, Len tirelessly continues to present his ideas on Dialogue every day.

Sandi Swidler Billingslea

Sandi Swidler Billingslea

iPubCloud CEO

The Swidlers are a remarkable family where diversity is not just embraced, but practiced.

Over the years, Sandi has worked as an administrator with large regional hospitals, overseeing everything from creating services for Medicaid populations to developing poverty programs, drug treatment programs, and health maintenance organizations. In 1990, Sandi turned her attention to Real Estate. She has practiced in Michigan, Florida, and Arizona, holding a Broker’s license in each of the states. Like all of the Swidlers, she has been an Educator, training real estate agents across the country.

Sandy Mayer

Sandy Mayer

iPubCloud COO

Sandy is an entrepreneur working with companies and individuals on a variety of accelerated projects. Many years were spent in the curricula design, marketing and sale of job readiness training programs for adults. Her experience with workforce development programs ranges from union pharma employees to C-suite executives. Recent work has been focused on digital marketing and coaching. Her goals are to work her way out of a job by connecting business leaders, managers, staff and unemployed workers with hands-on tools/techniques to govern themselves in management, communication, goal setting and business ethics.

iPub Team Members

Charles Hess

Charles Hess


Charles Hess is a recent graduate of Ithaca College, where he majored in writing and minored in art history, philosophy, and English literature. He currently is pursuing a career in publishing and editing. Aside from this, most of his time is spent arduously researching, outlining, and writing books for his prospective fantasy and science fiction series, The Triume Cycle. His inspirations for the series range from Gene Wolfe to Terry Pratchett; the books also draw heavily from various works of world literature, such as the writings of Einhard and the Tao te Ching.

Stephen Burks

Stephen Burks

Web Developer

Stephen Burks is a graduate of Clemson University where he majored in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Mathematics and Science. While Stephen has a real passion for working with children, he also has a passion for creating and building things. Over the past couple of years he has been learning Front End Development in an effort to eventually merge these two passions. In the meantime he is thoroughly enjoying the process of learning all things development. He is extremely excited to be working with iPubCloud and eager to see the project grow.

iPubCloud Bookstore

If books are what you are looking for, iPubCloud Bookstore features only curated books. You will find all the books written by our featured authors; new works from these authors and new authors joining iPubCloud. Are you our next new author? You will find as well, a wide-ranging selection of books from the top 5 % of books recommended by New York Times, Hay House, Amazon and Oprah’s Lists. Mysteries to Cookbooks; Art to Scifi books; Kindle, Paperback and Hardback all find a home in the Bookstore.

Our mission is to provide the perfect ‘Pub’ environment where you, your associates and friends, will enjoy the ease of shopping while meeting your needs and catching up. If the book you want is not featured on the site, please use our Amazon search button located in the sidebar. You will be able to purchase any book available on Amazon. We know Amazon is the largest distributor of books. We also understand you may prefer the style and taste of their competitors. We are excited to tell you, in the not too distant future, you will find on iPubCloud.com, products from Nook, and iBooks as well Amazon. Remember, this is YOUR Global home. Let us know what you would like to see in iPub Bookstore and we will do our best to honor your request.

Remember too, when you shop thru iPubCloud.com you are supporting iPub Global Connections commitment to bridge-building dialogue as pathways to a better world. Don’t keep us a secret.

Share Your Thoughts About Books And Contemporary Topics

We created iPub Global Connection to do more than sell books and other goods. We also want it to be a place where readers and thinkers can share their ideas in forums we’ll sponsor on this site. For example, everyone will agree that the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and primaries were like none other in history and we’ll be looking out for books (including probable best-sellers) to recommend to our readers. We hope that people who buy from us will post an opinion on the topics discussed in a forum and come back to read reactions and other comments. And of course, we invite readers to return to review the books they’ve read, even books they’ve already read. If it’s worth reading, it’s worth reviewing!

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iPub Global Connection is an online community of fellow thinkers, writers, and readers. We hope it will become your favorite place to shop for books and other items you use in your daily life, including music, gifts, tools, and clothes – all that Amazon and other distribution sites offer.